New Year, New Address, Same Blog

On Jan. 1, I announced on twitter that Anchora has moved to a new address: you can now find the blog at  All the existing links, etc., should still work -- but if they don't, please let me know!

Anchora will remain the same blog, but I hope to add a few new features to the site in the new year, and to start writing a few different kinds of posts -- such as reports on the graduate seminar in early modern textuality I'll be teaching this semester. A few weeks back I added the first new page, called Books @ Iowa which lists some of the many fantastic digital projects (mostly relevant to book history, or at least bookish in some way) hosted here at Iowa.

In the immediate future, I'll be posting a version of the MLA paper that I'll be giving in Seattle later this week, "Anonymous Marlowe." You can find abstracts for the panel, "Booking Marlowe," here.